MSIT “Unwrapped” Parade 2011

This is the moment that you forget about the hard work…  and just appreciate the immense beauty, that you seem to have captured, for that brief moment.

Last night’s MSIT graduation parade was fabulous. I was so thrilled that my range was the finale range of the night. I had my friends and family with me to share the excitement.  A few of them had their bits in doing last minute handsewing for me…It belong to me as much as it does to them.

My mini Bespoke range “Ethereal” consists of three couture outfits. Everything was hand dyed, pleated, ruched, draped, and mostly hand sewn. The garments are made of variety of silks, feathers, and french laces.

I was inspired by the mystical nymphs and organic lifeform which evolves in nature. The silks and feathers moved softly, and beautifully in rhythm…

the models looked like my mystical nymphs. When the garments walked, they floated…This is exactly how I have imagined, and so much more.

Photos by Charles Wong

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